Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Update! I'm Sill Here

Hello everyone! I hope all if well for you! I wish I could update this blog more, but the stresses of school have been too great. Things are going well...but free time is not a luxury I find myself with lately. Here is a little update for those of you who still check in from time to time.

Winter Concerts are next week!!! Jazz band, varsity band, and concert band is playing Tuesday, Dec 8th. This is going to be a little different from the other concerts we have done because it is going to take place at the high school. About two weeks ago, the high school that my students will eventually go to needed to change their concert date to avoid conflict with a large ski event. Due to a very tight schedule and limited options, they changed their concert to the same date and time as my concert. Since Randy Smith is their feeder school...I had multiple families with students at both schools and parents were having to choose which child to watch. That sucked. I decided to fix the situation by combining concerts. This is going to be a great experience for the middle school kids to play in a real auditorium!!! It is turning out to be a LOT of work to set this up...but I know it will be worth it.

The choir and orchestra concert is going to be on Wednesday, Dec 9th at Randy Smith (the same day as my dad's birthday.) All of the groups are sounding REALLY good. I am so proud of them all. I have four orchestra students who have decided to start a string quartet (two violins, a viola, and a cello) and the name they have given themselves may be the cutest thing I have ever heard. The are referencing the Harry Potter books by calling their quartet Lockwood's Army (a spoof on Dumbledor's Army from the books.) When they told me their name, I almost shed a is SO CUTE!!

That is about it. I wish I could post some photographs, but my camera broke. I am planning on upgrading this Christmas to a REALLY nice one =) I am pretty excited about that. I'll be in MN/WI for a little over a week of the holidays. I am looking forward to the time off and the chance to see friends and family.

Well, I gatta get going. Today is the Randy Smith Christmas party and a fellow teacher and I are making bacon wrapped pretzel sticks. They are AWESOME!!! Take care! I miss you guys down there!

Rock on,
~Mr. Lockwood.