Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hello everyone out there in Blogging Land. It is a beautiful day here in Fairbanks, Alaska: 5 degrees above zero (20 degrees in the hills) and SUPER sunny. In about 9 hours I will be turning 30 years crazy is that? I am actually looking forward to 30. There have been so many changes in my life during the last two years that the addition of a digit in the tens place of my age seems pretty minor in comparison. The first decade of my existence here on Earth was full of learning how to experience life. The second decade was all about finding my place in life and learning who I am while the third decade was taking who I am and trying to make something out if it. Now that I have reached the fourth decade of my life, I feel like I get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labors. I have discovered who I am and I am making something of the life that I have been given.

Ok, enough of the sentimental ramblings...time to get to the good stuff - SPRING BREAK!! Jen is up here visiting again, like last year. So far we have been just hanging out and relaxing. It has been SO nice to sleep in and not have anywhere I need to be. We are house sitting during the break, so we have running water and the entertaining company of Molly and Su-Su. OH!!! I also have a new this blog post comes with pictures! Here is one of Su-Su (cat) and Molly (not cat)


Su-Su is a little sweetie. Shy and a little skittish, but adorable. Molly is a nut! She is so sweet and loving, but the whiniest/neediest dog I have ever seen. It's all good though. Like I said earlier, Jen is up here...


We have been having a good time taking it easy. Jen is not feeling the best and the change in daylight hours has been messing with my energy levels, so relaxing and uneventful days have been kinda nice. We have had some great dinners out and saw the new Alice in Wonderland movie. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland; the books, the 1951 animated version by Disney, the computer game "American McGee's Alice", and the Tom Waits album, Alice. I am not sure how I felt about the new movie. I will just leave it at that so I do not spend the next four hours writing about it. If you want to discus the new movie, send me an email at =)

Anyways...I get off track easily. My new Camera. I bought a new Canon 50d. This is a huge upgrade from my ancient Canon 300d (one of the first dSLR's on the market) So far, I love it. I have been having a blast taking pictures of my favorite model, Foot Foot! I am guessing that there will be LOTS of pictures of Foots to come. He is the person I see most and he is just so photogenic. Here are a few:




Well, I really should get going. It is a beautiful day and Jen and I will be going to Ice Alaska to look at the ice sculptures...if not today, we'll probably go tomorrow.

Take care everyone. I know I have not updated the blog much, but hopefully with the new camera and the slightly diminished work load at school, I'll post more. Until next time!

Rock on,
~Mr. Lockwood


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on the new camera. The pics look great and I can't wait to see what all you find to photograph. It is a really nice camera (understament). Have fun. Maybe spring will be coming your way soon.

Dani said...

Foot Foot looks like my cat Sgt. Tibbs!!!!!! O.O