Friday, June 12, 2009

Foot Foot is Here!!!

Yesterday I found Foot Foot!! He was living in a home just outside of North Pole, AK (not THE North Pole....the town about 11 miles away from Fairbanks.) You may remember me saying something about wanting a cat. Well, I now have one, and Foot Foot is his name!


Foot Foot (or Foots as I sometimes call him) is such a cool cat! He has the exact personality I wanted in a feline companion. He is VERY laid back, very content just sitting on his mat on the couch or lying by the window looking at the birds and hares. When he feels like it, Foot Foot will come up and sit on my lap for some behind the ear scratching, otherwise he enjoys quiet time. My favorite part is that Foots does not get upset or annoyed when you approach him for petting....I know some cats who would rather be left alone.

Last night, Foots climbed my stairs and slept in the loft with me. A few times while I was already awake (it was ridiculously hot in my cabin last night so I didn't sleep to well...I was up) Foot Foot would climb up on my chest and lay there while I pet him. I have mild cat allergies (well, extreme with some cats...relatively mild with Foot Foot) and I am interested in seeing if they totally go away. I vaguely remember having dog allergies until my family got a dog...then my body got use to it. I am hoping that will happen in this case. In the worse case scenario, my allergies gets the best of me and I need to bring Foot Foot back to the house I got him at. The pet foster home is run by a very kind woman who cares alot about these animals. The lady that runs the pet foster home gives a two week trial to make sure the adopter loves his/her new pet. I do not foresee my allergies being a huge problem, but at least I know there is a loving home he can go back to if this does not work.

I am very happy to have found Foot Foot, or should I say happy Foot Foot found me. It will be nice having someone to talk to at any given time of the day and to have another character in "The Wild Alaskan Life of Bobb and Foot Foot!"

Rock on,
~Mr. Lockwood
(and Foot Foot)


Garrett said...

Cat looks like he has an attitude. They are fun that way. Sounds like you got a good one.

Bobb said...

He is really relaxed most of the time, but loves to be pet when you approach him...reminds me a lot of Darth =)

Nancy said...

What a pretty cat! I hope it works out for you both.

Moffwicket said...

You have a Maine Coon, just like my cat Sweetheart. If yours is half as awesome as mine, you'll be very happy. And with Cassie and me, the allergies to go away after a while. Make sure you comb him regularily to keep the hairballs to a minimum.