Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Is Still Going Well

Imagine that...i am enjoying three months of nothing to do! Next summer will be a different story, with classes to take and other work to do...bur I gave myself this summer totally off as a reward for surviving the first year. This summer had been great! Dad and Sue came up for a while, I have been playing LOTS of disc golf, Mom will be up here in a few days, then I will be in MN/WI for a bit =)

I really do not have too much to update everyone on. I have been doing a lot of relaxing. I have read some great books so far this summer: Water For Elephants, The Kite Runner, Galapagos, A Man Without a Country, (those last two by Vonnegut), Into the Wild, and a bunch of David Sedaris books. It has been kinda cool reading. It is not something I ever found myself doing in my free time...but it had been a great change. I really enjoy not owning a TV.

Well, that is all for summer so far. I have been having a great time getting to know Foot Foot! He had/has a bit of a cold..but it seems to be getting better. I will leave you with a quick shot of Foots that I took a couple of days ago:

Have a wonderful day!!
Rock on
~Mr. Lockwood

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rowdy said...

That sounds really nice man. Really nice.