Sunday, August 16, 2009


So, I have been up here in Alaska a little over a year and every now and then I still think to my self: I cannot believe that I live in Alaska. This place is amazing. Take tonight for example...I get to school around 11:00am and get a TON of work done. I wrote lesson plans for the first week of school, I organized my classroom materials, and I put posters up on my walls. After I worked at school, I headed up to Birch Hill and played about 13 holes of disc golf in the pouring rain (fun...but wet), then I went home and made some dinner. After dinner, I went out with some friend (oh yeah...I now have friend my own age up here - I love it) and shot several games of pool. I know I could have done all of this anywhere in the world..but for some reason it feels different being here in Alaska. I don't know if it is the smell in the air, the hills/mountains in the distances, or just knowing that I am in the most amazing state in the union...but something makes everything up here feel it is the right place to be. I remember going up to the Boundary Waters with my dad as a kid and thinking to my self: I would love to some day live in the middle of the woods, away from all of the city lights and pollution...and here I in a small log cabin in the woods in the middle of Alaska. this is truly a dream come true.

Tomorrow, if the rain stops, I am planning to go up to the disc golf course with the guitar and have a BBQ with friends. It should be a blast. After tomorrow, it is back to teacher mode. Early bed times and 10 hour days await me...but I don't mind because teaching music in Alaska is one of the greatest things to have ever happened to me. The only thing that would make this better is if all my friends and family were up here with me....I know you would all LOVE it here as much as I do.

Ok...I am done with my slightly sentimental rant. I am off to bed. Foot Foot says "Hello" to you all.

Rock on,
~Mr. Lockwood


rowdy said...

I love you Bobb. That made me tear up a little bit.

rowdy said...

But only a little bit.

Nancy said...

I think it is great that you are so happy in your new home! I know your school year will be awesome.

Jamie said...

I'm with Rowdy, I got a little tear too. I'm glad your enjoying Alaska and I hope you have an awesome school year!!!!! Alaska is lucky to have you!!!

Jen said...