Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Still Here

Holy cow have these last two weeks FLOWN by!?! Students showed up for classes two weeks ago (on the 17th) and it has been a not stop ride of craziness since that Monday. I feel great about what I am doing with my classes and my students seem to be very well behaved and engaged in the activities I have planned, but it has been a LOT of work. I am teaching a new class this year, World Drumming and Music. We focus on West African and Latin American drumming and culture. This is a topic that I have always found interesting, but never studied in great detail, so I am working my tail off trying to keep up with my students who are picking everything up VERY quickly. My other classes are also going very well, but again...lots of work behind it. I was in MN/WI last weekend taking pictures for a good friend's wedding and my sister is getting married next weekend (a week to the day actually...CRAZY) so I am neck deep in photo editing and sub plans since I know I will not be doing any work while I'm in the lower 48. I hope this blog post does not sound like complaining...I truly do LOVE what I am doing. I have been exhausted these last couple weeks, but I have almost ALWAYS had a smile on my face. Teaching music is the greatest experience one can have...not only do I get to spend an entire day engulfed in music, but I get to do so while sharing the love of music with others and hopefully passing my enthusiasm for the aural arts on to the next generation of performers, dancers, singers, and composers.

Ok...well, I am off to school to get some more work done. I just wanted to touch base with all y'all to let you know things are going great up here in the Land of the Midnight Sun (soon to be the Land of the 11:00am - 2:40pm Sun)

Rock on,
~Mr. Lockwood

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rowdy said...

Wow. Sounds crazy Bobb. And fun!